What we do?

Meet the team, the jacks of all trades.

  • Paid advertising

    We setup, audit, manage, and analyze paid advertising strategy across multiple platforms. From Facebook and Instagram, to Snapchat and Google, we've got you covered. We work hard to produce results that spur growth and are profitable for you.

  • Organic outreach

    We are always glad to utilize our clients organic outreach channels. From SEO to SMS and E-mail marketing, we're here to help! We have several ways of utilizing your organic following to it's true potential.

  • Brand development

    Wether you need help taking a direction with your brand, or need consultation on where to go with your brand, we'd be happy to help. We offer ideas and ways to innovate, add creativity, and uniqueness to your brand. We offer consultation in many areas of expertise as well for a full 'DIY' experience.

  • Design

    From website planning, website development, and even mobile app development, we gladly help businesses with their design needs.

A few of the brands we've helped grow!

Why Blitzy ?

We believe in truly finding a businesses optimal potential. With the ways of marketing always changing, we have a deep passion for bringing businesses ahead of their competitors, and spawning growth with every outlet we can. Blitzy Media is also consisted of AdSkills Certified Media Buyers, so you know you can count on us.

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Knute Fosso
Founder & President

Knute Fosso first entered the game of digital marketing when him and his wife started an  baby clothing brand, ChubbyBubbyBear, from scratch. Building that business to a 7 figure a month level, was only done from Knute's resounding expertise on facebook ads.

After successfully exiting ChubbyBubbyBear, Knute was certified as an AdSkill's Master Media Buyer gaining experience in many different marketing channels and has gone on to help numerous clients with Blitzy Media, specializing in helping insurance, course creators, mentors, coaches, and general businesses grow using paid media.

Knute Fosso
CEO, Founder
Certified Adskills Master Media Buyer

Knute is everything you would want in someone who works with you to grow your business. He is dedicated, value-driven, insightful and organized. He really went above and beyond in the work he did for me - from landing pages to the ads themselves. I was totally blown away! Me being a real estate agent, Facebook rolled out many restrictions in 2019 that made it harder to attract my ideal client, but Knute dug deep to figure out the right client profile with me and made it happen! I highly recommend Knute for your marketing needs!

The Results

Our results are geared towards achieving GROWTH. This is our main goal with each and every client we take on. Let's SCALE with you today!

ChubbyBubbyBear E-commerce

This brand has grown a lot under our dedication and focus! Seeing the baby boutique grow from a small store with a few orders a week, to becoming a 7-figure shop with nearly 100k IG followers, a lengthy email marketing list, and SMS list, all work great contributing to the organic growth . We are currently seeing consistent results with a ROI around 3x-4x with a high level of ad spend.




Brand Reach






Local Audience Reach



De-Stress Chiropractic

As the best rated Chiro practice in Ventura County, California, De-Stress Chiropractic is the perfect place to see about getting the right care.
Dr. Algee is amazing, and deserves to have gained many new patients from working with us!
We pioneered their online marketing game, and we're able to quickly do what we do best.
Our consistent ROI was between 5-6X while utilizing the LTV metric for typical patients.

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