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Meet Knute Fosso

Hi everyone! Welcome to my page! Thank you so much for taking the time to take a look at my business, Blitzy Media LLC.

Over the course of the last year+ I’ve poured much of my blood, sweat, frustrations, letdowns, and pretty much every difficulty you can imagine into running the business and trying to market. I failed a lot.

“Fall forward” - Denzel Washington

It’s certianly safe to say I have been learning and researching everything I can about the online world of E-commerce and marketing! My wife and I started a business nearly 1 year ago today, starting with maybe 1-2 orders a day if we were lucky, now up to 80-100 daily. We’re on track to do 1.5 million in sales next year, and that is our goal we are sticking to!

But if there’s one takeaway I could make about all this, that is, I wish I knew what I was doing when it came to marketing. I wasted literally thousands on ads before I started seeing results, and optimizing those results to really scale our business.

Case in point. I don’t want to have anyone go through the same waste of time and money I did.

This is why I started Blitzy Media! I want businesses to literally Blitz right through that initial wall of failure and not question what they are doing when it comes to all the different variables of running an online business.

Wether your an e-commerce business, dentist, chiropractor, counselor, or anything looking to open an otherwise closed off opportunity online, I’m here to help!

Specialty’s include but are not limited to:

Facebook Advertising

Instagram Advertising

Google Advertising

YouTube Advertising

Pinterest Advertising

-Knute Fosso

CEO and Founder

Blitzy Media