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Our portfolio

A few brands we've worked with

Here's a few of our partners who have had amazing results and growth by working with us.

Chubby Bubby Bear
De-Stress Chiropractic

Case Studies

Here's a highlight on a few of the brands we've helped greatly.

Chubby Bubby Bear

ChubbyBubbyBear Paid Advertising & Brand Development

This brand has grown a lot under our dedication and focus! Seeing the baby boutique grow from a small store with a few orders a week, to becoming a 7-figure shop with nearly 100k followers, and a very lengthy email list, both greatly contributing to the organic growth . We are currently seeing consistent results with a ROI around 3x-4x with a high level of ad spend.

De-Stress Chiropractic Paid Advertising

As a local business in Ventura County, California, De-Stress Chiropractic is one of the best places to see about getting the right care. Dr. Algee is amazing, and deserves to have gained many new patients from working with us! We pioneered their online marketing game, and we're able to quickly do what we do best.
Our consistent ROI was between 5-6X while utilizing the LTV metric for typical patients.

De-Stress Chiropractic